Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society

In the early 1980s we began as a support group, working as part of the Mississippi Chapter of the National M. S. Society, giving peer support to each other. As topics came up about the needs of our group, we realized the National’s primary goals were in research. This is so important, and we appreciate their hard work in this area, however, we saw a need locally. We began to realize there was another area that should be addressed. Some of our members were having difficulty meeting their financial needs.

In 1993 we became a registered charity in the state of Mississippi, as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society, serving MSers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There are no salaries. We are all volunteers--our motto is “MSers helping MSers”. The primary goal of this organization is to help MSers and their caregivers.

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Hi Fellow MSers!

Hope you are all managing your M.S. well today. I can't believe this is the last week of May, already ! This year seems to be speeding past us.

Just wanted to touch base with all of you to let you know I/we, your Board, are still here for you. If you see you have a need for our help, be sure to let us know. Since we work out of our homes anyway, it isn't a problem for us to address any need you might have; peer support, referral or financial (pertaining to your M.S.).

The News:

As you know we had to cancel a couple of our fundraisers; the yard sale in March and the Elks Bingo in April. Never fear, we're still going strong 😀 We are hoping to have the yard sale in the Fall, we will of course let you know the date when it is set.

Our bigger fundraiser is scheduled for October 17, 2020. We decided to try a different month this year to see if we can draw a larger crowd. That can only happen if you, all of our members and friends, help us spread the word. More on that at a later date.

We are hoping to have our regular support meeting in September. We are back in the St. Martin Library. We're working on getting a great speaker for that meeting. Will fill you in on that when the speaker has assured us he can make it.

Well, as you can see the Miss. Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society is still working hard for you. Just because things are starting to open up you still need to be careful. With our compromised immune systems, we still have to take the steps to stay healthy; masks and gloves if you have them.

We miss you. God Bless.
Sheila and your Board.

Sheila - 228-596-0525

Marilyn - 228-424-7374

Sharon - 228-806-4523

Bonnie - 228-324-3569

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