Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society

In the early 1980s we began as a support group, working as part of the Mississippi Chapter of the National M. S. Society, giving peer support to each other. As topics came up about the needs of our group, we realized the National’s primary goals were in research. This is so important, and we appreciate their hard work in this area, however, we saw a need locally. We began to realize there was another area that should be addressed. Some of our members were having difficulty meeting their financial needs.

In 1993 we became a registered charity in the state of Mississippi, as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society, serving MSers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There are no salaries. We are all volunteers--our motto is “MSers helping MSers”. The primary goal of this organization is to help MSers and their caregivers.

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Hi Fellow MSers,

I’m touching base with all of you… and want you all to know we are available to help you with any of your Multiple Sclerosis needs.

Unfortunately, the Library meeting room is still not available to us at this time. Here’s hoping it will be open by September. We need to get together in person. I don’t know about you, but I have missed seeing everybody in the flesh.

Right now, we are not planning our annual “Share-With-MSers” fundraiser this Fall. Let us know how many of you are comfortable about going forward with our get-togethers (the Christmas party, etc.). If anyone getting a mail-out has a computer, please let us know your email address. This will save us stationary and postage. Contact me at sy71biloxi@gmail.com . Some of you have given us an email address years ago, but it has changed… be sure to update us on your status.

The hot weather is here! Be sure to stay as cool as you can and drink plenty of water. For me, I go from the AC in the house to AC in the car, and try not to go any place that isn’t air conditioned.

Quick update: my husband is doing somewhat better, but he still has lots of Dr. appointments. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Take care M.S. family. Let the Board know if you have any M.S. related needs. Also, I’d love to hear from any of you via email.

God bless,

Sheila - 228-596-0525

Marilyn - 228-424-7374

Sharon - 228-806-4523

Bonnie - 228-324-3569

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